Thomas Jansson, Principal, B.Sc.

Thomas Jansson, B.Sc., is a Principal Hydrogeologist with more than 30 years of experience as an environmental consultant, focusing on Brownfield assessments and site remediation. His work encompasses environmental and geotechnical site investigation, risk assessment, permitting, and due diligence. In addition, he designs and manages in situ and on-site remediation, including on site remediation of petroleum-contaminated soil and groundwater as an entrepreneur.

Thomas has also managed several large property development projects near Stockholm. In that capacity, he has provided hydrogeological and geotechnical services related to constructing building foundations in densely populated areas with unstable ground conditions.

As a board member of the Swedish Geotechnical Association (SGF) committee for contaminated land, Thomas is responsible for the national certification scheme for environmental sampling and co-author for various SGF publications and guidelines.


Environmental Sites Assessment; Site Remediation; Risk Assessment; Environmental Permitting; Due Diligence; Hydrogeological Site Investigation and Assessment; Contracting Services; Procurement

Practice Areas

Environmental Consultancy and Contracting Services


Environmental Engineering; Environmental Sciences


B.Sc. Hydrogeology from Uppsala University (1984-1987)