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Land Development

Land developers face many challenges as they select and apply appropriate and efficient environmental remediation approaches for contaminated land. Geosyntec can partner with you to address environmental stewardship, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder needs while developing environmentally impacted properties for beneficial uses.

Choosing reliable yet innovative approaches to development of contaminated lands is key to successfully developing them into safe, useful, and beautiful places. Our experts rank among the world’s best in providing site assessment and remediation services at many types of impacted and contaminated areas. We offer you a broad range of technical expertise and services including stormwater design; site grading and drainage design; geotechnical engineering; transportation design; utility design; inspection; and construction.

Decades of experience implementing traditional technologies, a deep knowledge of new technologies, and research and skill in emerging technologies equip our practitioners understand best approaches and, when appropriate, to be first-to-field with newly developed environmental solutions. In addition, Geosyntec's own laboratories provide physical and chemical testing to monitor treatment processes, technologies, and systems. Our labs conduct chemical oxidation and bioreactor tests; examine the presence of organics and inorganics in wastewater; evaluate the effectiveness of remediation products; simulate the performance of conceptual designs; and analyse the likely behaviour and end point of treatment processes. Our lab teams share knowledge and direct internal and external client projects to the most appropriate technology solutions.

Geosyntec is a global company with a uniquely Swedish office, with practitioners who have devoted to their careers to development of Swedish and European lands. In addition to our work on Sweden, we provide specialised site assessment and remediation services to public and private sector clients across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. This means we can reach out to our colleagues around the world—who are also researching and working in the field on complex problems—as we choose and implement approaches.

Clients turn to us for our international perspective on remedial options assessment, balancing a site’s remedial cost with your tolerance for ongoing liability and providing a full range of remediation services from remedy selection through design and execution. Geosyntec has been the remediation contractor or design engineer on projects across the country involving bioremediation, in situ stabilisation (ISS) of sediments, and chemical injection and stabilisation, among other technologies.

Among our clients, we have a reputation for the following:

  • A highly experienced team with technical knowledge accrued through a range of experiences and remediation projects
  • Decades of experience in the remediation industry
  • Practitioners who are the developers of technological solutions others implement
  • Commitment to understanding client requirements
  • Delivery of quality outcomes on time and on budget

Collaborating with clients and each other, Geosyntec's engineers, scientists, and innovators leverage chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes and reactions to detoxify, immobilise, and eliminate exposure risks to a wide range of chemicals in the environment—especially those difficult to treat by conventional means. Using a combination of standard and developing technologies, we help clients to find solutions at burdensome sites for which closure may have seemed impossible.