Rita Kamera, M.Sc.

Rita Kamera, M.Sc., is a geologist with more than ten years of experience as a project manager and consultant in geohydrology and the geosciences. She has lived and worked in Hungary, the United Kingdom, Ireland and, Sweden where she has been involved in a wide variety of projects in these countries and internationally.

Rita plans and supervises hydrogeological field investigations, conceptual groundwater flow and transport modelling, well-logging evaluations, discrete fracture network analysis (DFN), and geological modelling. In addition to her primary experience in mining, she has also been involved in several projects related to groundwater and surface water, contaminated land, nuclear waste repositories, and the oil and gas industry.


Site Investigation; Groundwater Assessment; Geological and Groundwater Modelling; Technical Studies (Mining); Waste and Water Management; Dewatering; Contaminated Land and Site Assessments; Environmental Permitting; Project Management

Practice Areas

Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup


Environmental Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Hydrogeology


M.Sc. in Geoscience, specialization in Geology, University of Szeged, 2009


Member of the International Water Association (IWA)