Kristoffer Lindö, Principal, M.Sc.

Kristoffer Lindö, M.Sc., is a Principal based in Sweden with more than 22 years of experience leading and performing large cross-border environmental projects such as, investigations, environmental due diligence projects, corporate mergers and acquisitions reporting, and Phase II environmental site assessments. In addition, he has studied public law and procurement law and has vast knowledge in the realm of investigation, remediation, and costing, both in Sweden and abroad.

Clients in pulp and paper, surface coatings, and other manufacturing operations turn to Kristoffer for help with divestments, decommissioning, and demolition projects. His work for environmental authorities in Sweden has given him insight into Swedish, European Union, and international environmental regulations and investigations, as well knowledge of public and procurement law within Sweden.


Contaminated Land and Site Assessments; Remediation/Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites; Environmental Permitting; Contaminated Sediments and Sediment Remediation; Environmental Strategic Advising, Mergers & Acquisitions; Project Management; Litigation

Practice Areas

Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup


Environmental Engineering; Environmental Sciences; Environmental Law; Project Management; Environmental Strategic Advisor


M.Sc. in Geology, Gothenburg University, 2002


Member of “Totalförsvarets Hälsoskyddsförbund”