Peter Wihlborg, Ph.D.

Peter Wihlborg, Ph.D., is an environmental scientist who focuses on project management, permitting, and environmental strategic advising for mining clients. He is currently leading an environmental mining permit project and has been working with environmental advising and permitting, environmental investigations, waste management plans, processing concessions, EIA-projects, and environmental sampling.

In addition to his work in the mining sector, Peter has significant experience as a senior environmental coordinator and project manager at the Bothnian Bay Water Authority. There, he led projects involving environmental analysis and status classification, environmental quality standards, management plans, programs of measures, environmental toxins and heavy metals, groundwater issues, and water use. During his extensive experience in environmental legislation for Sweden and the European Union, he learned much about environmental quality standards and less stringent environmental requirements, making him a valuable resource in permitting processes, environmental impact assessments, and strategic environmental advising. He also has extensive field and sampling experience in a wide range of environments and matrices.


Project Management; Environmental Permitting; Environmental Strategic Advising; Permit Applications

Practice Areas

Mining and Environmental


Environmental Sciences; Hydrogeology


Ph.D., Water and Environmental Science; Linköping University, Sweden, 2006. M.Sc., Earth Science; Uppsala University, Sweden, 1999