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Mikael Lundström


Mikael Lundström, M.Sc. Mikael Lundström, M.Sc., is a Geologist and Project Manager who has been working as an environmental consultant with focus on contaminated soil and groundwater since 2008. He participates in and manages site investigations and remediation throughout Sweden, in addition to providing risk assessment and permitting support. [...]

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Elina Myrestaf


Elina Myrestaf, B.Sc. Elina Myrestaf, B.Sc., is an Environmental Consultant based in Sweden with experience in large infrastructural projects and railways with a focus on contaminated land, noise, wastewater, and internal audits. In addition, Elina has been involved in environmental permits and handling of excess nitrogen in construction wastewater. Elina [...]

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Katarina Nilsson


Katarina Nilsson, M.Sc. Katarina Nilsson, M.Sc., is a Senior Environmental Consultant based in Sweden with approximately 25 years of experience in the assessment and remediation of contaminated land. Katarina assists clients in both the public and private sectors with strategic advising and project management of contaminated land such as [...]

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Sofia Pallander


Sofia Pallander, M.Sc. Sofia Pallander, M.Sc., started her career as an environmental consultant with focus on contaminated soil and groundwater in 2012. Sofia is experienced in projects involving desktop reviews, environmental site assessments, and remediation of contaminated land and water. Sofia has assisted clients with projects in sawmills, impregnation [...]

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Shiva Pourghorban


Shiva Pourghorban, MBA, B.S. Shiva Pourghorban, MBA, B.S., is the Financial Administrator based in the Stockholm head office responsible for the support of project managers throughout the project delivery process and financial transactions with clients and suppliers. Specialties An accounting professional with experience in international companies including serving as [...]

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Helena Romelsjö


Helena Romelsjö, M.Sc. Helena Romelsjö has more than 10 years of experience as an environmental consultant, and mainly worked with various types of investigations in contaminated land. She has primarily focused on environmental and health risk assessments, which have included a variety of contaminants and different media. Among other things, she [...]

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Rickard Sundkvist


Rickard Sundkvist Rickard Sundkvist is a Project Manager with more than 16 years working in the exploration and mining sector across Sweden. In addtion, he is responsible for internal training in project management and the business of consulting. As Project Manager, he routinely handles permit applications, fieldwork, site investigations, risk [...]

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Henrik Svanberg


Henrik Svanberg, B.Sc. Henrik Svanberg, B.Sc., is a professional environmental engineer based in Sweden who focuses on geochemical and hydrogeological studies relating to mining and manufacturing. His specialties include environmental chemistry, waste characterization, and contaminant migration. Henrik manages projects including technical investigations, risk assessments, mitigation planning, post-treatment investigations, environmental permitting, [...]

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Peter Wihlborg


Peter Wihlborg, Ph.D. Peter Wihlborg, Ph.D., is an environmental scientist who focuses on project management, permitting, and environmental strategic advising for mining clients. He is currently leading an environmental mining permit project and has been working with environmental advising and permitting, environmental investigations, waste management plans, processing concessions, EIA-projects, [...]

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