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Thomas Jansson


Thomas Jansson, Principal, B.Sc. Thomas Jansson, B.Sc., is a Principal Hydrogeologist with more than 30 years of experience as an environmental consultant, focusing on Brownfield assessments and site remediation. His work encompasses environmental and geotechnical site investigation, risk assessment, permitting, and due diligence. In addition, he designs and manages [...]

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Tim Johansson


Tim Johansson, B.Sc. Tim Johansson, B.Sc., is a biologist who started his career as an environmental consultant in 2018 and since then has been working within the area of contaminated lands. Tim primarily works as a field engineer for environmental site investigations and remediation, with a focus on contaminated soil [...]

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Rita Kamera


Rita Kamera, M.Sc. Rita Kamera, M.Sc., is a geologist with more than ten years of experience as a project manager and consultant in geohydrology and the geosciences. She has lived and worked in Hungary, the United Kingdom, Ireland and, Sweden where she has been involved in a wide variety of [...]

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Erik Karlsson


Erik Karlsson, Ph.D., M.Sc. Erik Karlsson, Ph.D., M.Sc., is a geochemist with nearly 20 years of experience in site investigations, closure plans, and waste management plans for mines, mine closures, and other environmental projects. He has experience in many aspects of these projects, from the start-up of operations to rehabilitation, [...]

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Daniel Klingmyr


Daniel Klingmyr, M.Sc. Daniel Klingmyr, M.Sc., is an information management consultant with Geosyntec. He handles data management and visualizations for contaminated sites, monitoring projects, and permitting, as well as for data relating to hydrology and mining. Daniel routinely manages large data sets and analyzes and presents visualizations of cleaned [...]

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Elsa Korning


Elsa Korning, B.Sc. Elsa Korning, B.Sc., is a hydrologist focused on hydrogeology and earth science. Elsa has experience with surface water sampling, stream flow measurements, geological mapping and water balance estimations. During her thesis project, she investigated flow in fractures by using 3D-printed fracture replicas in lab experiments. Disciplines Hydrology, Hydrogeology, [...]

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Vilgot Larsson


Vilgot Larsson, B.Sc. Vilgot Larsson, B.Sc., is a junior environmental consultant based in Sweden with an interest in remediation of polluted areas. Vilgot graduated from the university Maine as a basketball scholarship athlete. During his capstone project, he focused mainly focused on the geotechnical components of the group’s project. Disciplines Civil [...]

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Kristoffer Lindö


Kristoffer Lindö, Principal, M.Sc. Kristoffer Lindö, M.Sc., is a Principal based in Sweden with more than 22 years of experience leading and performing large cross-border environmental projects such as, investigations, environmental due diligence projects, corporate mergers and acquisitions reporting, and Phase II environmental site assessments. In addition, he has studied [...]

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Andreas Löfgren


Andreas Löfgren, M.Sc. Andreas Löfgren, M.Sc., has more than 13 years of experience as an environmental consultant specializing in environment impact assessments for environmental hazardous activities and operations. Andreas is recognized as a senior strategic advisor and project manager with extensive experience in permit applications and environmental impact assessments. [...]

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Paula Lundberg


Paula Lundberg, M.Sc. Paula Lundberg started her career as an environmental consultant with focus on contaminated soil, groundwater and sediment in 2017. Paula is experienced in projects involving desktop reviews, environmental site assessments, and remediation of contaminated land and water. Paula has also participated in mining related projects regarding sampling, [...]

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